What's new on CPAN - September 2015

Welcome to “What’s new on CPAN”, a curated look at last month’s new CPAN uploads for your reading and programming pleasure. Enjoy!

Module of the month

MsgPack::RPC is a client for the MessagePack-RPC standard. It’s fully featured, providing send, notify, event subscription and logging.

Module author Yanick Champoux has blogged about his motivations for developing MsgPack::RPC to use it with Neovim. His entertaining musings are a good read. Now you can get an API to Neovim using his other new module, Neovim::RPC. Awesome work!

APIs & Apps

Config & Devops

  • Config::Station looks interesting: class-based; it can load configurations from files and the environment


  • Log all DBI queries with DBI::Log. Awesome!
  • DBIx::TempDB creates temporary databases for testing - supports Postgres, MySQL, SQLite
  • Render data structures for easy grepping using Data::Crumbr
  • Diachronic collocation index using DiaColloDB. Don’t know what this is, but it looks interesting.
  • Image::JpegMinimal creates JPEG previews without headers.
  • MarpaX::RFC::RFC3987 parse and validate IRIs with this Marpa module
  • Message::String a “pragma” to declare and organise messaging.
  • Brat::Handler is a Perl module for managing Brat files.

Development & Version Control



Science & Mathematics

  • Image::Libpuzzle provides a Perl interface to libpuzzle - the image similarity library
  • Bio::Tradis can Bio-Tradis contains a set of tools to analyze the output from TraDIS analyses
  • Manipulate RGB tuples with Number::RGB
  • Time::Date appears to be the simplest date time implementation in Perl yet. I wonder what the limitations are?



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