What's new on CPAN - January 2014

Monday, 3 February by David Farrell

Welcome to the first edition of "What's new on CPAN". Every month we aim to bring you a curated look at last month's new CPAN uploads for your reading and programming pleasure. Enjoy!



  • proxyhunter is a proxy server search and checking tool. It supports Postgres, MySQL and SQLite as backend models.
  • Pipe application output to a websocket with App::screenorama it can capture stdout / stderr.
  • App::YTDL is another YouTube downloader. Time will tell if it surpasses current king WWW::YouTube::Download.



  • Work with JSON in Perl? Consider IO::Async::JSONStream it asynchronously decodes JSON into Perl data structures.
  • EBook::EPUB::Check validates .epub files.
  • Need to create realistic but fake data? Faker is a re-implementation of the classic Data::Faker module.
  • Give Image::JPEG::EstimateQuality a JPEG and it will estimate the photo quality.
  • Convert markdown to phpBB / BBCode using Markdown::phpBB.
  • Biblio::SICI provides methods for working with Serial Item and Contribution Identifiers an ANSI/NISO standard for periodicals.
  • If you work with TBX data, Convert::TBX::Min will convert TBX-Min to TBX-Basic.

Development & System Administration


  • Chess::960 is a random starting position generator for Chess960.
  • WebService::SyoboiCalendar provides an interface to an online Japanese TV schedule for Anime shows.
  • Check out Acme::Ehoh, it will return your lucky direction, based on ancient Japanese traditions.

Maths & Science


  • Forward TCP / UDP packets to another host with Net::Forward.


  • Lembas is a new framework for testing command line applications. It has a simple markup that follows shell commands almost verbatim.
  • Want to use database data in your testing? Take a look at Test::FixtureBuilder.


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